WS Pro Series

The Versatile Workhorse with Advanced Features only found in more expensive LED panels and Creative Combinations not found in many. The WS Pro Series comes with the most Powerful Graphics Processing available as standard.

WS PRO SERIES 1.9mm, 2.6mm, 3.9mm


  • Design Excellence

    Creative Combination - The WS panel consists of 3 pieces; one main panel (master), 500x500mm in size, and two smaller modular (slave) panels, 250x250mm each.

    Superlight and Thin - 8.2kg | 49mm Easily mounts to wall and flat surfaces with minimal channels and brackets.

    Quality Picture - Available in 3 different pixel pitches with 3840Hz refresh rate and 14bit grayscale perfect for broadcast and dark content

  • Cableless Cabinets

    Panels connect with each other through integrated wireless connectors, minimizing cables between panels and reducing cluster inside of panels as well as the mdules to the Hub Card.

  • Unrivaled Panel Design

    Sub Panels - Two sub panels includes only hub card and shares power and data with master panel.

    Master Panel - Master panel includes power, receiving and hub cards.

    Cable-less - Cable-less connectors for standard panel to panel connections.

    Additional Expansion - Additional/back-up slots for wired connection for creative screen creations.

  • Captive Screws

    Panels have Captive screws Throughout allow for faster installation with no lost screws to worry about.

  • Modules

    Slim modules without housing for uniformity & flatness

  • Creative Modular Combinations

    Modular Combinations. The WS panel consists of 3 pieces; one main panel (master), 500x500mm in size, and two smaller modular (slave) panels, 250x250mm each.

  • Multiple Mounting Methods

    Wall Mount, Floor Stacks and Hang Bars.

  • The Most Advanced Graphics

    The WS Pro comes with the Novastar A10s Pro Card. We upgraded the IC’s to take full advantage of the most powerful Graphics Engine available today. With the exceptional, versatile design of the WS Pro Series and the Powerful new COEX MX Series Processors , the WS Pro Elevates the LED Experience by providing State of the Art Color, Operational Control and Advanced Camera Correction features.

    Novastar MX40 Pro with Advanced Graphics features

    Novastar MX30-SF with Advanced Graphics features. Exclusive to ATS-Pro

  • Brochure and Specifications

    Brochure and Specifications

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