Made Exclusively for ATS-Pro

Made exclusively for ATS-Pro the MX30 SF incorporates all of the Advanced Camera features of the MX40 Pro.

The MX30 SF is an all-in-one LED display controller in the brand-new control system COEX series This controller integrates video processing and video control into one box and offers rich video input connectors (HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4, DP 1.1 and 3G-SDI), 10x Ethernet output ports and 2x 10G optical ports. It can also work with the brand-new software VMP (Vision Management Platform) to provide a better operation and control experience.

HDMI 2.0
HDMI 1.4
DP 1.1

10x Ethernet output ports
2x 10G optical ports

− 1x Genlock signal input (with loop through)
− 2x Ethernet control ports
− 1x Auxiliary port

3 independent layers
Support up to 3 layers and layer priority adjustment in Z order.

Image scaling
Support 4 image scaling modes: custom, pixel to pixel, snap to canvas and fill screen.

14Ch Color Correction
Support precise adjustment to hue, saturation and brightness of black, white and the 12 derived standard colors of the red, green and blue primary colors.

Full-Grayscale Calibration
Work with NovaStar’s high-precision calibration system and the C3200 scientific grade camera to generate unique calibration coefficients for each grayscale, ensuring uniformity of each grayscale and dramatically improving the image quality.

  • This function can be achieved when the MX30 -SF works with the A10s Pro receiving card. A C3200 camera is required to perform full-grayscale calibration.

− Support HDR10 and comply with the SMPTE
− ST 2084 and SMPTE ST 2086 standards.
− Support HLG.

  • Using the HDR function reduces the MX30-SF load capacity by less than half if the MX30-SF works with the A10s Pro receiving card. For details, see the Ethernet Port Load Capacity section.


Support low latency and the controller load capacity is not reduced. The latency at the controller is 0 frame (less than 1 ms) in Send- Only Controller working mode and 1 frame in All- In-One Controller working mode.

  • The Low Latency and Genlock functions are mutually exclusive. To enable low latency, please make sure all Ethernet ports load the cabinets vertically and share the same Y coordinate.

Display mode switching
A cabinet can use different sets of effect parameters in different application scenarios to realize the optimal display effect.

No rectangle restriction
No rectangle restriction for irregular screens. This means when calculating resolutions, blank pixels do not count towards the total capacity. The used load capacity of Ethernet ports is the sum of the resolutions of all cabinets.

Frame Rate Adaptive
The controller can be adaptive to various video input frame rates, including decimal frame rates. Custom frame rates are also supported and the step size of fine tuning frame rate is as small as 0.01 Hz.

  • This function can be achieved when the MX30-SF works with the A10s Pro receiving card. Currently supported driver ICs include ICND2055, ICND2065, ICND2069, MBI5253A, MBI5253B, MBI5754B, MBI5264, MBI5264B, MBI5264C, CFD555A. In addition, the .ncp file generated by the Cabinet Tool from NovaStar must be used.

Shutter Fit
Automatically adjusts the driver IC parameters according to the camera shutter angle to fix problems of black lines, grayscale addition, and grayscale loss during camera shooting in xR scenarios.

Two working modes
Support the All-In-One Controller and Send-Only Controller working modes.

  • In the Send-Only Controller mode, the latency can be reduced by one frame.
  • In the All-In-One Controller mode, the layer and scaling functions are available.

Display system monitoring
Support monitoring of the device status and screen status. Any fault and alarm information can be reported actively.

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